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Pennsylvania's digital archives, named ARIAS -- the Archives Records Information Access System -- are rather meager.  

PA has made much of its commitment to technology and to its role as a leading digital state, so it seems a shame, then, that its archives aren't quite what you'd call state of the art. Still, there are some good materials here from Pennsylvania's military history.

ARIAS offers up about 1.5 million historical records, with more, hopefully, to come.  The records are all military files from various conflicts dating back to the Revolutionary War:
  • PA National Guard Veteran’s Card File, 1867-1921
  • Civil War Veterans’ Card File
  • Revolutionary War Military Abstract Card File
  • World War I Service Medal Application Cards
  • Spanish American War Veterans’ Card File of United States Volunteers
  • Mexican Border Campaign Veterans’ Card File
  • Militia Officers’ Index Cards, 1775-1800
This is a decent collection, especially for historians, genealogists, and family history researchers looking for records of their family's military roots.  

Unfortunately, there is no global searching at ARIAS, so that each collection has to be accessed and searched individually.  The images of the actual records are not particularly good quality.  Hopefully, as Pennsylvania grows their archives, they will follow the lead of other states, and introduce a more robust search feature, and better imaging.  

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